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Create your Digital Menus to stand out from the crowd and to adapt to an ever more technologically-savvy clientèle.

Simplify your life and that of your customers through our Covid-19 online data collection system. en ligne.

Increase the visibility of your restaurant with your social networks showcased.

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The only all inclusive platform in Switzlerland


What is the point of a digital menu if your customers have to write down their personal information (for the Covid-19) on a piece of paper? Existing solutions often only offer a Digital Menu for your customers.
We offer more.

Eliminate paper-based data collection

Customers are invited to add their information directly and only once. Their information is saved for the next time they visit your facility and is automatically destroyed after 14 days.

Increase your restaurant's visibility

Through BonAppliti, all the links to your social networks are showcased. Don't underestimate the power of social media: did you know that 3 out of 4 people consult online reviews before going to the restaurant?

Your restaurant, your application

BonAppliti is rarely mentioned so that users see the application as an extension of your restaurant. We provide a platform that brings together all your important information for your customers. Your logo, contact details, address, links to your social media and much more are displayed.

Ease of use

We have taken care to make the interface and presentation as easy to read and modify as possible. We understand that you, and your customers, shoudn't have to think about where to find information - it should be obvious to them. We have paid particular attention to creating a platform that everyone can easily manage.

Flexible pricing and a local team at your disposal 24/7

In the event of a confinement due to Covid-19, we will suspend your payment until things get back to 'normal' so that you are not penalised! If you have any questions, you can contact us 24/7 either by email at contact@bonappliti.ch. or by phone at +41 22 732 57 69.

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CHF 19.40/ month

Would you like to try our service but you are not 100% sure? Subscribe to our monthly offer which offers you maximum flexibility!
We will suspend invoicing in the event of restaurant closures or another lockdown.

  • Secure contact tracing (FOPH)
  • Digital Menu
  • Social networks at the forefront !


CHF 210/ year

Opting for an annual subscription

We will suspend invoicing in the event of restaurant closures or re-confinement.

  • Secure contact tracing (FOPH)
  • Digital Menu
  • Social networks at the forefront!

Contactus 24/7

Our team is at your disposal for any questions that you might have.

Customer service
+41 22 732 57 69


Rue des Pâquis 47 - 1201 Genève

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Local Swiss Team!

Behind the scene of our Geneva premises is a dynamic team that includes developers, marketing experts and service professionals.

The idea of BonAppliti was born during the coronavirus in order to offer a solution to restaurants which found themselves in difficulty when faced with the introduction of new rules by the FOPH and the transition to digital menus, as well as the Covid-19 situation which requires customers to add their personal information.